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Hi and welcome to, a website focused on the red hot weekly fantasy golf leagues for cash. These fantasy contests last four days. Just like a PGA tournament lasts four days. If you are not familiar with how fantasy golf works then our new players guide will get you up to speed and provide more in depth details on how to play fantasy golf.

Weekly Fantasy Golf Cash Contests

Site ReviewNew Player OfferPromo CodeLearn More
Site ReviewNew Player OfferPromo CodeLearn More
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In 2015 you can play a complete season of fantasy golf over the course of one week. Each week the fantasy golf sites begin rolling out their weekly PGA contests. For a buy-in, as low as $0.25 or as high as you want to go (thousands) you can put your line-up of golfers against others to see who can score the most fantasy points.

It is fast, fun and easy to play. You can do so for pocket change every week just to have a little fun or you can put some serious dollars in it and try to hit it big by winning one of the large weekly fantasy golf contests where hundreds of thousands are awarded ever week.

Where To Play Fantasy PGA Leagues For Money?

I play weekly fantasy golf at two sites currently, DraftKings and Victiv. DraftKings is the larger (by far) of the two and where I play most contests. Victiv is considerably smaller but they do things quite different by letting you draft 7 but only play your best 5.

Let’s take a look.

Dozens of guaranteed fantasy golf money contests every week.

Dozens of guaranteed fantasy golf money contests every week at DraftKings.

How To Play Fantasy PGA

  1. Draft six golfers.
  2. Stay under a $50,000 salary cap.
  3. Each golfer is priced differently, the top golfers cost more.
  4. Your golfers play the tournament. You score points every hole.
  5. Points are awarded on a per hole basis, tournament finish basis, and milestones.
  6. Score more points than your competition. See fantasy golf scoring guide.

List of Contests and Leagues To Join

Join A Contest

Join A Contest – My personal favorite fantasy golf site and home to the biggest PGA contests all season long. Play in freerolls or real money contests start at $0.25, $1.00, and a big weekly contest $3 PGA Chipshot contest that virtually everyone (myself included) plays in. Join me this week! – I am growing quite fond of Victiv the more I play there. They have great pricing, very good in-game features and the rules of their style of daily fantasy golf is different. Plus they give new players a chance to earn real money without making a single deposit. Read my Victiv guide for more details and to get signed up. – A smaller but extremely well done and reputable fantasy site with a different variety of games including pick’ems that do not use a salary cap structure.

DraftKings is the only large site offering fantasy golf contests. as FanDuel does not have PGA. Here is a list of current leagues / contests you can join.

Click on a league for more info and to join.

Click on a league for more info and to join.

Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) Leagues

$3 entry and $100k To 1st Place - New Players Get A Free Ticket  With 1st Deposit

$3 entry and $100k To 1st Place – New Players Get A Free Ticket With 1st Deposit

New players invited this week to the $3 PGA Drive The Green with at least $100k GTD prize pool. This contest is held at DraftKings (review) and line-up’s lock before the first golfer tee’s off on Thursday morning.

The GPP contests are the biggest PGA leagues running each week in terms of number of players and amount of money to be won. These leagues also grow and shrink in size of field and size of prize pool based on the corresponding PGA event taking place. During the majors they roll out a $3, a $20 and a $200 buy-in game with bigger and bigger prize pools, typically capping at $300,000. These will grow as the demand grows.

These PGA fantasy tournaments have a guaranteed prize and will run even if the contest does not fill. If you enter it, you get to compete for the entire prize pool, no cancellations.

PGA Chipshot – $3 buy-in. Virtually everyone plays in this mega sized tournament. On the small weeks it has a $20k prize pool. On the busy weeks it has $100k prize pools.

PGA Quarter Arcade – $0.25 buy-in. Start out in this contest as it is only a quarter. You can enter four line-up’s for a buck. Play in this contest. It usually has upwards of $1000 prize pool on a slower week and up to $5000 on the busy weeks.

PGA Par 4 – $5 buy-in. Smaller tournament with around 500-900 players depending on the week. Also a $2000-$4000 prize pool. This is a smaller tourney in terms of numbers of players.

PGA “Medium” Big Tourney – $20 buy-in. $100k prize pool with $20k to first place. They have a different name for this fantasy contest whenever it is offered, it’s not called the ‘medium big tourney’ but something like ‘medium eagles nest’ or ‘medium king of the course’. The $20 buy in attracts a great deal of players, with around 5670 seats available. This is offered during the busy weekends and during their majors.

PGA Fairway – $27 buy-in with 1680 seats and $40k prizes on the slow weeks. On the busy weeks this is replaced by the medium big tourney listed above. This is a medium sized buy-in with $7,000 in prizes available on the slower weeks.

PGA Scramble / Big Tourney – $200 buy-in. Up to $300k prize pool. $100k for first place guaranteed on the big weekends. This is the largest buy-in fantasy golf GPP tourney that is offered each week. On the small weeks there is $50,000 guaranteed and 275 seats. On the big weeks there are 1665 seats and $300k up for grabs.

One final note is that these fantasy PGA leagues are multi-entry. Meaning that you can enter them more than once. Buy another seat, enter a totally new line-up. Many regular players build many different line-ups and enter them all into their contests of choice. I personally enter a minimum of three line-up’s each week into the GPP’s in play in.

Huge Fantasy Golf Cash Prizes - $1 Million For 1st With a $20 Entry

Huge Fantasy Golf Cash Prizes – $1 Million For 1st With a $20 Entry

Single Entry Fantasy PGA Leagues

Put in your best line-up possible and you only get one shot at it. These contests work exactly like they sound, with one entry and one entry only per person. I personally love playing in these each week as it evens the playing field for this contest. You can put as many line-up’s as you want in the GPP’s (usually there is a cap on the total number you can enter, but it’s significant like 100). In these leagues you can only play one line-up.

  • PGA Divot – $1 entry
  • PGA Caddie – $5 entry
  • PGA Albatross – $12 entry
  • PGA Backspin – $27 entry
  • PGA Bunker – $55 entry

Reserve your seat early in these. Use the reserve seat function sometime on Monday or Tuesday to ensure you have a seat or risk not getting to play in these for the week. They will open new ones if the demand is there, however you can not count on it.

Cash Game Fantasy Leagues
The above leagues are more tournament style fantasy golf. They are smaller buy-in relative to the amount you can win if you finish at the top of the field. There is another style of fantasy golf that is more akin to a cash game.

50/50 PGA Leagues – These leagues pay out the top half of the field double their buy-in. They start out at the $1 level and go all the way up to the $5300 level. There are a lot of options at the smaller and medium sized buy-in’s. These are also called double up leagues.

Triple Up – These contests pay out the top third of the field triple their money. They start out at the $1 level and go into the low $x,xxx.

4x and 5x leagues – The top 4th or 5th of the field 4x or 5x their money.

All or nothing – First place gets paid, everyone else loses. These start at $1 and go up to $xx buy-ins.

Head-to-Head – 1v1 for a doubling of the money. Score more points than your competition and you win.

Other Types of PGA Leagues
There are a few other types of fantasy contests available that are worth mentioning.

Qualifiers – These award tickets into bigger leagues. If you want to play in the big $200 buy-in coming up in a few weeks there will be many different qualifier tournaments where you can win a seat.

Steps – These leagues let you advance one step up the ladder and turn a small buy-in into a larger payout after the 4th step.

Beginner – These games allow you to compete against others who have played 50 games or less for this particular sport.

Play Weekly Fantasy Golf For Cash

Tee it Up and Play

Tee it Up and Play

One week fantasy golf lets you join a league, draft a team and get paid out in the course of one week. Specifically, Thursday through Sunday. Four rounds of golf over four days. You draft your team by Thursday mornings and you are counting your winnings on Sunday evenings.

You can join he leagues listed above and play virtually every week out of the year. PGA plays 47 weeks out of the year, so it is almost always in season.

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