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My Recommended Fantasy Golf Sites

There are currently two main fantasy sports sites that I recommend playing fantasy golf at. DraftKings and DraftDay. I play DraftKings virtually every week of the year. You can find me playing under the fantasy name Spry13. If you are considering playing, I strongly recommend you stick with one of the sites listed here as they are the best fantasy golf sites online.

The Best Fantasy Golf Websites Online

Site ReviewNew Player OfferPromo CodeLearn More
Site ReviewNew Player OfferPromo CodeLearn More
Free Entry into $3 PGA Birdie Tourney
none needed
My review
100% Deposit Bonus
Live drafts / snake drafts
No Golf (sorry)
100% Deposit Bonus
My review
100% deposit bonus.none needed
My review

Examples of DraftKings Weekly Fantasy Golf Contests

  • $0.00 – PGA Freeroll
  • $0.25 – PGA Quarter Arcade
  • $1 – PGA Divot
  • $3 – PGA Chipshot
  • $5 – PGA Par 5
  • $5 – PGA Caddie
  • $12 – PGA Albatross
  • $27 – PGA Fairway
  • $109 – PGA Long Drive
  • $200 – PGA Scramble

Fantasy Golf Websites For Real Money

There are dozens of golf websites with different style fantasy games. There is the yahoo! pickem leagues, the ESPN fantasy challenges and of course the PGA tour’s own fantasy leagues you can play in.

But, for most of us, we are looking for the weekly style fantasy golf where you play, win or lose over the course of one tournament.

I’m talking DraftKings style fantasy golf.

Buy into a huge contest or play one other player for a double up. The choice is yours and there are plenty of games to choose from. Fantasy golf runs 47 weeks out of the year so you can play virtually all year round. Jump on board now while the games are big, juicy and fun!

View and manage all of your lineups from this page.

View and manage all of your lineups from this page.

DraftKings Fantasy Golf

The most dynamic fantasy golf online in 2014. All players should have an account at Draft Kings. PGA contests start out for real money at $0.25 in the quarter arcade leagues. There are also $1 and $2 and $5 leagues available with guaranteed cash prizes each and every week.

DraftDay Fantasy Golf

DraftDay has a variety of PGA contests.

DraftDay has a variety of PGA contests.

DraftDay Fantasy Golf – This is a smaller site with less quantity of competition. I will be joining the contests soon. They are legit and now they are on my recommended list. I have played fantasy football here and the interface and in game experience is great. They were bought out by the same group that owns FanThrowdown in early/ mid 2014.

What I like about playing fantasy golf at DraftDay is that they are a smaller fantasy site than DraftKings with fewer overall players. In addition they offer live snake style drafts and pick’em leagues that do not utilize the salary cap format at DraftKings. They offer the choice of one golfer from 6 different tiers. You choose one golfer from a selection of 3-8 golfers to put together your team. This is not offered at DraftKings.

Fantasy Golf Scoring Guide – Chart Comparing Scores

Fantasy Golf SiteDraftKingsDraftDay
Compare Fantasy Golf Sites
ReviewDraftKings Golf ReviewDraftDay Golf Review (in process)
New Player Deposit BonusFree Ticket With Deposit100% Match to $200
Claim Bonus Now
Salary Cap Leagues
PickEm Leagues
Per Hole Scoring:Double Eagle: + 20
Double Eagle (DBL EAG): +20 PTs
Eagle (EAG): +8 PTs
Birdie (BIR): +3 PTs
Par (PAR): +0.5 PTs
Bogey (BOG): -0.5 PTs
Double Bogey (DBL BOG): -1 PT
Worse than Double Bogey (WORSE DBL BOG): -1 PT
ALBA 30 pts
EAG 12 pts
BRD 4 pt
PAR 0.5 pts
2BGY+ 0
Tournament Finish Scoring:1st: 30 PTs
2nd: 20 PTs
3rd: 18 PTs
4th: 16 PTs
5th: 14 PTs
6th: 12 PTs
7th: 10 PTs
8th: 9 PTs
9th: 8 PTs
10th: 7 PTs
11th–15th: 6 PTs
16th–20th: 5 PTs
21st–25th: 4 PTs
26th–30th: 3 PTs
31st–40th: 2 PTs
41st-50th: 1 PTs
1st: 30 pts
2nd: 25 pts
3rd: 20 pts
4th: 15 pts
5th: 14 pts
6th: 13 pts
7th: 12 pts
8th: 11 pts
9th: 10 pts
10-15th: 8 pts
16-25th: 6pts
26th-40th: 4pts
40-60th: 2 pts
Bonus Scoring:Streak of 3 Birdies + (MAX 1 Per Round) +3 PTs
Bogey Free Round: +3 PTs
All 4 Rounds Under 70: +5 PTs
Hole in One: +10 PTs
Bogey Free Round: 6 pts
Par or Better All 4 Rounds: 10 pts All 4 rounds in the 60's: 25 pts
Real Money Leagues$0.25 - $1090 buy-in's for tourneys.
$2.00 "Chipshot" with ~$4,000 prize pool
$5.00 "Par 5" with $1500 prize pool
$27 "Fairway" with $12,500 prize pool
$1-$55 one line-up entry only events
Double up leagues
Triple up leagues
Winner take all leagues
$100,000 1st place prize during PGA majors.
$2.2-$1000 tournaments
$2-$200 Pick Em leagues
$2 pickem with $1000 prize pool
$109 entry with $10k prize pool and 100 slots
$100k tourneys during majors.
Free PGA LeaguesOne free tourney each week.
PGA Weekly Freeroll - Usually awards entries into upcoming leagues.
Freerolls for small $ prizes weekly.
Major PGA LeaguesMasters - $1 Million - $20 entry & $1m to 1st place

More Fantasy Golf Websites You Can Play

FanDuel Fantasy Golf – No golf contests at FanDuel. You can not currently play fantasy PGA contests at the worlds largest daily fantasy sports site, FanDuel. While we are unsure whether or not Fan Duel golf leagues will ever come into being, we can only hope so. The reason that was given twitter post from FanDuel was that they were not comfortable with the legality of fantasy PGA. The second and third largest sites have decided that it is completely fine. Remember, fantasy sports are 100% legal in all but a few states in the US and Canada.
FanThrowDown Fantasy PGA – A very limited selection of pga contests and traffic. I’ve played in a few contests here and it is nothing to exciting. I recommend putting your money on one of the other sites for now.

Fantasy Golf Legal? For Real Money?

Yes, fantasy sports are specifically carved out in the UIGEA (the unlawful internet gambling enforcement act) has a specific carve out for fantasy sports, and horse racing. So, fantasy sports are expressly legal at a federal level and unless you live in one of a very few states that has state legislation against playing fantasy sports for money then you are free to play.

It is a game of skill. Skill games for money are legal. You can deposit with paypal and credit cards and get paid out there as well. It is fast, easy and legit.

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