8 Useful Statistics in Daily Fantasy Golf

Eight Stats Everyone Should Consider For Your Fantasy Golf Picks

Choosing the best six players in a given week is a tricky proposition, and in making that decision you have to consider how points are scored on the respective sites. In the following guide you’ll see a variety of stats (all available on the PGA Tour website) which can help making that decision, and an explanation of how they’ll help.

Scoring Average before Cut

Having a player making the cut in Fantasy golf is very important. You are not going to win a contest, especially a large player event, if one or more of your players doesn’t make it past the weekend. With this is mind, given the choice between two players you consider of equal ability, you’d want to pick the one who is more likely to make the cut. There is a “consecutive cuts made” statistic on the PGA tour website and this can help, but the “scoring average before cut” statistic is a better guide to the best players on a Thursday and Friday.

Par – Breakers

This extremely useful stat is how often a player shoots better than par. This is useful most especially on DraftKings where you earn a higher percentage of points for birdies and eagles than you lose for bogeys and doubles.

Holes per Eagle

This is a very important statistic on Draftkings, where an eagle is worth eight points and the opposite scenario of a double bogey is a loss of just one point, so the player who goes eagle-double bogey gains you seven points, the player going par-par earning just one point – even though the scoreboard will show them level. On Draftstreet, the two players will both earn 0.4 points – so the statistic is not as important, however it’s never a bad thing to have a player capable of scoring eagles – and there is a bonus on both sites for the player with the low round of the day, which a player with the ability to shoot a large amount of eagles would be in contention for.

Birdie or better Percentage

This is another good statistic on Draftkings where the player scoring more birdies will gain you more points than the steadier golfer. A player going birdie-bogey will gain you 2.5 points, the par-par player gaining just one point. There is also a bonus for a player scoring three birdies in a row, and players featuring higher in this category will be the most likely to gain this bonus.


This category is how often a player scores a birdie or better after scoring a bogey or worse. A good player in this category will once again be the kind of player you want in your roster on Draftkings – these players will score you more than the steadier par playing type.

Scoring Average

This category shows literally who is scoring the lowest round on average, and is a good player to have at any time on Draftstreet, and a good player to have in conjunction with the other stats on Draftkings.

The players at the top of this category are the most solid on tour. One note of caution however, is that the player might not be playing on a course where he has been successful in the past – so check out the prices on players on Sports Books and Bookmakers, which are always a good guide to players relative chances. If a player is a much longer price than you might expect, then there is probably a reason to avoid them.

Bogey Avoidance

This is a good category for a player to feature highly on if you are playing on Draftstreet. A player scoring highly here will be more likely to make the cut and would make a good choice for a cheaper player on the roster – to go alongside the higher scoring more expensive players. These players wouldn’t be quite so good on Draftkings, as the player with a “wilder” round will score more, but on both sites there is a bonus for a bogey free round, so not all bad news.

Top 10 Finishes

On both Draftkings and Draftstreet there are bonus points for good finishes – so any player consistently finishing in that top ten will gain you those extra points you might need. A player with a good proportion of top tens with a win or two thrown in is perfect, however these players will obviously be the most expensive when it comes to salary – but if you can find a player with a low salary who is a regular top ten finisher, they have to be considered.

It does pay to know the scoring systems at the different fantasy golf sites before focusing on your team. As you can see from the article, an understanding of which players are better for which site will give you an edge, maybe that all-important edge. Draftkings is slightly more rewarding in terms of points for the more dynamic golfer, where Draftstreet is good for the golfer who simply get the low score, however they do it.

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