Drafting Tips – Course Form and Current Form

Filling Your Line-Up’s With The Right Players Each Week

Each week on the PGA tour offers a different challenge, and you need to pick a roster of golfers that will have the ability to rise to that challenge. To do this, there are a variety of factors you have to consider, and in the following article you’ll see some of these factors that might give you an edge over the competition.

Course Form – Drafting PGA Golfers On Course History

If a player has played at the course before, and has performed well, or even won at the course before, then you have to give the player serious consideration. However, this is a pretty obvious consideration when picking a roster, so many other players will be looking at this as well. So how do we gain an edge here? We can look at course form a little more deeply. Here are some examples:

A player won the same event last year – so many players have him in their roster. However, last year the player played the previous two weeks, finishing 20th week. This year, in the two weeks leading up to the tournament, he has missed a cut and had the week off. In this case, you’ll want to avoid the player.

A player has good but not great results at this tournament. In the last two years he has finished joint 40th and 16th. However, leading up to both of these events he had been in terrible form, with missed cuts littering his season – so this event had actually seen an upturn in form, even if his finishes have not been spectacular. In the last couple of weeks this player is playing well with a top 25 and a top 10. This is a player you really want to consider – good form and improves when this event comes around.

A player finished 5th last year in his first tourney back since a six week layoff. This year the player has played in all previous four weeks and is playing solid. He has made four cuts finishing 44th, 25th, 18th, and 22nd. Many people have this player in their roster. This situation is not so clear cut. You want to find out more information. You check the player’s results out and you see that the only two times in his career that he played five straight weeks resulted in missed cuts. Avoid this player.

Of course, not every player will have played a course competitively before, and in this scenario all you can do is take a look at the kind of player who has been successful on this course before, and see if the player has similar attributes.

Current Form – Golfers Playing Well Recently

Current form is a tricky thing to evaluate in golf. If a player has a week or two off, you really have no idea what their form is, as they have probably been working on one or more aspect of their game, so even if they have been in great form previously, they may be doing something different that might need a few rounds to actually bed in. Conversely, a player may have been in terrible form, but has found something with his coach, and enters the week full of confidence – even though you have dismissed him from your thoughts because of his three consecutive missed cuts.

The current form that does matter however is the previous week. If he did play Sunday and is teeing up again on Thursday, then you can probably rely on the form guide here. Look at the week the player had. If the player shot 73-71-68-67 then this player is a player you seriously want to look at. He finished last week strongly and will have a positive mindset going into this week. The player who went 66-71-78-76 and finished well done the field after being in contention on Friday night is a player you want to avoid. This player will be pretty annoyed with himself, and negativity will surround his game.

Tailoring Your Picks – The Big Result

The player who won in the previous week is a player who will feature in many rosters, however picking this player can sometimes be the worst thing you can do, especially a first time winner. The player will have probably been celebrating, will have many more dealings with the media than usual, his routine will be greatly affected and he may not be quite as hungry having secured his card for a couple of years. Check out a player to see if he has won before, and see what happened the next week – if they did perform badly – avoid them.

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