Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Jason Spry. I am a recreational fantasy golf player who is constantly working on his game. I’m not a professional but I am competitive and love to play.

I play in the weekly fantasy golf games offered at DraftKings. I would play at FanDuel as well but there is no Fantasy Golf at FanDuel currently.

This website is going to focus on weekly fantasy golf at the sites that I play at. It’s because it is what I know. You can come here each week to find a post on the home page that has links to the tips, tools, threads, posts, rankings, resources and pretty much whatever I can find about this weeks fantasy golf contest. I will also link any promotions, upcoming tournaments, resources, strategy articles and the link focused around fantasy PGA.

Weekly Fantasy Golf – What I Play

So like I mentioned I am an avid player of the daily fantasy golf leagues, however I am not a big time player. I play casually in my free time and I keep my risk limited to money that I can afford to lose. With that said I am extremely competitive by nature and love the challenge of out-playing my competition.

Contests you can usually find me in
I play by Spry13 on DraftKings and I am in the cheaper contests every week. I get in the single entry contests up to $5 or $12 per week, and I will run a few line-ups in the smaller buy-in large field guaranteed tournaments, like the $2 buy-in. I play for recreation (and for content for this site) but I’m competitive and will take my shots whenever the timing seems right.

PGA Chip Shot – Huge contest in terms of numbers of entries. A $2 entry fee and usually between $4,000+ guaranteed each week make this a no-brainer tournament to play. This event gets a few thousand entries weekly and for only a $2 buy-in with 1st place paying $500+ you can see why.

PGA Par 5 – This is a much smaller contest with only 345 entries and a $5 buy-in. Considerably fewer opponents make this one a good tournament to test your skills in. First place is usually $175+ and it pays out 75 places.

PGA Divot and Caddy – These are single entry events meaning that you can enter one line-up and one line up only. These are $1 and $5 respectively. I like these because everyone is entering their “best” line-up into the single entry fantasy pga leagues. Compared to the large field tournaments where you can enter up to 50-100 line-ups each.

PGA Daily Free Contest – Why not, right? 1 entry into it and you can win some prize each week. Usually $10-$50 worth of prizes (entries into other contests)

Random satellites – They have big contests for the majors and on-going satellites and step tournaments. I get in these whenever there appears to be good value.

Like I said, I play in these games. I’m straight forward with who I am here. I’m not an expert but I’m honest in my fantasy golf site recommendations, resources and tools and who I like in the weekly golf picks, whenever published.

I hope you stick around, bookmark this site and check us out each week for the latest in fantasy golf.

Some Important CMA Info You Should Know

I am affiliated with some of the sites, products, tools and resources you see here. This means that my company will earn advertising revenue whenever you visit and purchase these people. This means that if you appreciate the honesty and integrity this website maintains and enjoy the content you would be doing me a huge favor if you made sure to utilize our links and promo codes whenever you decide to play fantasy golf.

Cookies – We and some of the sites and products use cookies. This is common. We do not collect any personally identifiable information. However cookies are what the fantasy sites use to know that when you click one of our links that you came from our site. This makes sure we get credit where credit is due.

We take no responsibility for any loss. By use of this site you agree to hold us 100% harmless for any and all reasons. Playing fantasy golf for cash carries a risk. It is legal where I live but you must check your state, local and federal laws before playing. There are a few states in the US where players are not allowed to play.

Do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

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