“The Victron” Free Bankroll Promo

I got my ass kicked.

I can admit it. I mean kicked hard too.

Victron is offering all visitors a 100% free bankroll opportunity. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity just create a free account at Victiv and put in your best line-up against their computer, The Victron. This is my attempt to build a real money bankroll with no deposit. Update at the bottom of the post.

If you are keeping up with the website, you know that I recently added Victiv to my short list of the best daily fantasy sports sites. It’s not something I do lightly because I am putting myself out there with a small/newer site when I do.

But I did so because I really like playing their fantasy golf games.

One reason I am liking Victiv is because you get to draft 7 golfers but only play your best 5.

That means if one or two people miss the cut then you still have a full roster of golfers putting up points.

Victron: 1, Spry13: 0

The Victron (the Victiv’s computer) kicked my ass in my first attempt.

Victron: 1 - Spry13: 0 - You get 3 free heads up matches for $5 each.

Victron: 1 – Spry13: 0 – You get 3 free heads up matches for $5 each.

It wasn’t even close.

I mean my golfers sucked it up.

I am trying to build a bankroll without a deposit. Just to see if I can really do it.

Everyone gets three free chances to win $5 playing their computer called ‘Victron’.

All players who do not yet have a Victron account can register 100% for free and play in the freerolls and against the Victron just like I am. Just visit Victiv here and register. You can play this week. The contests lock early Thursday mornings so go ahead and register now.

Round two this week!

They also have another $250 PGA freeroll. Join me! It’s free. Just visit www.Victiv.com and register a new account. It’s 100% free, easy and legal.

Good luck and I will see you on the leaderboards!

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Update – I lost all 3 shots against the Victron in fantasy PGA by a wide margin. If you want to give it a shot for free, just visit Victiv and create a free account. You will see your tickets to play the Victron in the lobby. There are also free contests every week / day you can play.

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